Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Healthier Salad with Gynura Procumbens

Gynura procumbens  is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family, that may grow to 100 cm high.It  is an evergreen shrub found in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, which is of considerable medicinal value. It has found its way around the world and is widely used as an accepted medicinal plant. The fleshy leaves are bright green that are rather smooth to touch. The shape of leaves can vary depending on the growing conditions and they can range from roundish to ovate in shape but are all shallowly toothed at the margins.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hot and Spicy Beef Tripe Congee Espesyal


 The term congee or conjee comes from Tamil word (kanji), a prominent food of ancient Tamil people. Congee is a type of rice porridge or gruel which is well-known in many Asian countries particularly in China which they called it "jook", "Hsan Byok" in Myanmar,  "Bubur" for Indonesia, "Okayu" in Japan, and "Lugaw" in Philippines. In some culture, congee is eaten for breakfast food or late supper. This is a great substitute for rice at other meals. It is most often served with side dishes. With additional ingredients such as meat, fish and other flavorings it is often served as a meal on its own especially if someone gets mild sick/ill since it is easily digestible food. Embraced by the Filipino cuisine, today congee has many variation around the country depending on the type of meat that will be included. For arroz caldo recipe we usually used chicken as the main meat. Despite its many variation of style in preparation, it is definitionally a thick rice porridge largely disintegrated after prolonged cooking in water

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY: Special Pickled Green Papaya


 Atchara (related to 'acar" from neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia) is a pickling made from unripe papaya which is very abundant in a tropical country like the Philippines.  The Filipino style pickled green papaya was and always will be the perfect pairing for anything fried, roasted meat, and grilled viand. Even if it is not a Filipino food you are serving. What makes pickled papaya so very special is that it is made of very firm, crunchy and extremely green papayas as well as carrots, onions, ginger, red bell pepper, garlic, raisins and vinegar. The pickled papaya (atchara) is not just a pickle relish but it is a great side dish. In just a a few tablespoon surely it will add the combined flavors of tart, sweet, sour, salty and spicy. With atchara, everyone will enjoy the meal.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Malolos Pride Pastillas de Leche


 Pastillas or pastillas de leche, a definitely milky and sugary sweets well-known and a favorite to Filipino households. Traditionally Pastillas are made of fresh carabao's milk and sugar altogether with the laborious process of mixing to achieve perfect texture and flavor.  But it has finally evolved to a yummier and visually delectable dessert, and SamChewsIt would like to present its own version of this notorious Bulacan Sweets: the RAINBOW PASTILLAS

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thai Green Mango Salad Recipe

 It was a bolt out of the blue day for me when I saw three (3) pieces of fresh green mangoes inside my unlocked compartment with message written on a piece of tissue paper. No name was indicated of where it came from, however my name is there. For some obvious logical thinking, I concluded its definitely mine. But still I went inside our office room to ask my group. "Who gave me the mangoes? I was like talking to nobody, for no one responded even the person whom I strongly feel and knew might be the culprit of giving such things to our team. Rissa, one of my groupmates secretly glanced to this person as if she was pointing to me the one who gave me the mangoes. Then, I looked at her and smiled. I guess that was enough to thank her than being presumptuous. So I pulled up my chair, sat, logged-in and started taking calls. The whole eight (8) hours of shift was a bit tedious. The ambiance was so humorless despite the upcoming Valentines Day though some are still excited to go home to spend the day with their special someone. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Post of Huge Smile :)

Wow! I just can't believe that I have a blog that I can finally call mine. Yes this is my blog and I'd like to welcome you from now on.
For the past 1 year and a half of spending my time going outside, at the malls, chatting on facebook, playing games with some of my friends, reading art books and articles/blog post, now is my first shot to introduce my other side hobby - which is to cook food :)

Since this is one of my greatest dreams, apart from having a mansion house (kidding aside) I'd like to create something different from other famous food blog sites. I wanna make sure people can relate to what I'm writing especially the food ingredients. Simple, affordable and nutritiously healthy. Not to mention certified "halal" foods.

You might ask me why I named my blog as Sam Chews It with it's subtitle "I choose what I chew". Basically, I had a lots of blog names in mind before I jumped into a final conclusion for the appropriate title. "I choose what I chew" is a representation of my food choices - that is to eat what is right in accordance to our Islamic beliefs which is to drink, eat and digest food that is permissible to Islamic Law. The word "chews" having sounded like the word "choose" I therefore ended with this catchy title 'Sam Chews It'.

The totality of the concept of putting up a food blog like this is to share and remind people the vital part of eating healthy foods in their body and refraining from eating that can add more to our health condition. People eat to live and people live to eat good food. But then again, we cannot just get these food benefits without regular exercise and appointments with the doctor.

So have a huge smile as we go along searching for the best and healthiest food in town, accompany me on my delectable foodtrips. I hope you have fun reading and turn my food blog post as part of your everyday life. Till next time :)